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Chat Story

Do you love to read horror stories? Interactive stories where you read the stories as chat with videos, photos, and audio? Add your own story now. Well, Creepy Interactive Horror Stories: Text Scary Chat Stories EN is just the text stories app you need as it allows you to seamlessly read amazing scared chat stories FREE without pauses. Reading creepy chat stories has never been more fun and exciting. MULTIPLE GENRES OF FREE TEXT STORIES These FREE text stories are scary, engrossing nail-biting horrors that will keep you reading through the day. Read a lot of spooked chat stories, comedies, thrillers and also fantasy text fictions with your friends. Our creepy stories app is all about short chat stories, Halloween stories that'll keep you reading for hours. However, understanding that you might not always be interested in reading scary tales or creepy text stories, we also include sections with funny, romantic chat stories, scary stories, horror stories, thriller text stories, Halloween story. SHORT CHAT INTERACTIVE STORIES FOR THAT SATISFYING QUICK THRILL We love reading, just like you, but we know it can get BORING when text stories, creepy pasta or chat fictions are too long. So we created this chat stories app to make reading snappy, spooky, fun and free. The creepy scary story app has dozens of creepypasta, textingstory, scary stories, creepy texts, halloween texts, scary images, romantic stories, fantasy stories, thriller, steamy fictions, comedy and many other text stories, that makes this chat app with ghost stories and spooky halloween stories even more enjoyable. The best thing is that not only Horror Stories - Chat Stories EN makes you pinned on words but also lets you read scary text stories free with sounds. WHAT TO EXPECT IN THE STORIES? Now you must question yourself, what are the text stories all about? Well, our Free Text Chat Stories mention Ghosts, Phantoms, Monsters, Magic, Spells, Wizards, Witches, Vampires, Shadows, Spirits, Fantasy Creatures, Haunted Ships, Zombies, Halloween, Werewolves, Dracula, Aliens, Extraterrestrials, Paranormal Events, Hauntings, Animals, Supernatural , metamorphs and more, that makes Creepy Interactive Horror Stories - Chat Stories EN the best horror reading application with free images and video. Immersive Free text stories, that makes this app one of the coolest horror reading apps. All Free chat stories in our app are really addictive! WITH VIDEOS, PHOTOS & AUDIO With Chat Stories EN you can not only read stunning scary texting chat stories for free but you can also see pictures and photos for free and also listen to sounds on your phone. The stories are appealing and chances are they will keep you reading and listening for hours. To increase engagement, and make the reading process even more thrilling, every Chat Stories EN text story is written as a text message conversation, as if you read the chat history of someone else. Texting stories with scary messages that you are sure to find appealing. CHAT STORIES CATEGORIES ▪️ Horror ▪️ Fantasy ▪️ Comedy ▪️ Romantic ▪️ Thriller WHAT’S NEW ✌ Choice Story ✌ Translated into 5 languages ✌ Video ✌ Audio ✌ This app is completely Free ✌ Your story - Publish your own story ✌ Do not forget to upgrade frequently to keep up with the latest stories. ✌ Frequent updates New stories are added frequently! Please leave your feedback as your feedback is very important to us because it helps us improve the application so that the app will be as pleasant as possible for you. Get your Chat Story app now! 💥The characters and narrative thread are fictitious. Chat Stories is translated into 5 languages and its absolutely FREE to play. Try it NOW!

Salad Master 3D

Are you looking for the chopping thrill usually found in the table fruit slice & veggie slice games? Do you love the satisfaction when you chop chop fruits and vegetables and make salads? Well, you must try Salad Master 3D, the ultra-fun salad chopping game filled with a slice cut fruit & veggies fun! Become the champion salad chopper and play the ultra-fun Salad Master 3D in single-player or multiplayer. 🍈CLASSIC SALAD CHOPPING GAMEPLAY The fruits and veggies are constantly moving on the table. Use the tools such as the ultra-sharp food graders to chop the veggies and fruits without touching the barriers in between. Slice as many as possible to pass the level or cut more than your opponent to win the multiplayer battle. 🆚100+ LEVELS & MULTIPLAYER FUN Try the single player salad chopping challenge and enjoy pure salat cutter fun. Watch out, grading & chopping the fruits and veggies will become super-fast and incredibly hard as you progress. When you need some extra challenge & competition, play the salad slicing multiplayer mode and experience a new level of slicer fun. 👍WHY SALAD MASTER 3D - exquisite chopping, grading & slicing gameplay - cut veggies, fruit, meat, sweets and more 🍖🍍🥒 - tap and hold to grade and chop - HD 3D graphics - continue where you lost the game by watching an ad - captivating chop chop sounds - chef animation when a level is complete - 100+ levels & multiplayer mode - 100% Free to play How fast can you make a salad? Start your quest of making the tastiest salads. Enroll in some crazy-fun salad chopping competitions. 🔪 Get Salad Master 3D now for free! Salad Master 3D is FREE to play. Try it NOW!

Flappy Bounce Ball

Guide the Rock Ball in a thrilling fall down ball hope quest! Go down, but watch out – there are all kinds of different obstacles that may destroy the fast ball. Show great reflexes, think fast, anticipate the situation and you’ll rock this ball hopper fast tap game! Rock Ball is the most vibrant addictive brain challenging game! This game will let you think ahead before you let the ball fall while playing this puzzle game you can balance the ball like a pro. 👆 👀 THE CHALLENGE The Rock Ball is going down but can be kept in the same place with fast tap bounces. As you go down watch out the different obstacles coming, like rotating platforms and shapes. Only the ones with the sharpest minds and quickest reactions will crash the high scores and dominate the ball hop game. 🎭 CHOOSE CHARACTERS Play with different characters and show the spirit of a real adventurer by choosing between multiple types of characters including animated characters. 🌎 DIFFERENT WORLDS Explore our different environments by unlocking new worlds. Show the spirit of real adventurer and even try out different space themes. Be energized by the upbeat soundtrack and enjoy the simple ball game in your free time. 🏆 DOMINATE THE LEADERBOARDS Put your best effort in every second so you can improve your score. Our ball hop game has a global leaderboard of tap bounce ball switch players just like you. Can you top them all and become the #1 ball hopping master? 🔥 ENTERTAIN YOUR DOWNTIME WITH: ▪️ endless go down ball jump quest ▪️ simple ball tap controls ▪️ reflex testing obstacles ▪️ upbeat soundtrack ▪️ global leaderboards ▪️ different worlds and gaming environments ▪️ use points to restart at your last checkpoint ▪️ offline ball hope game No more feeling bored in your free time! Don’t miss this dynamic and ultra-fun fall down ball hopping quest! 👉 Get Rock Ball & delight in the fast ball jumping challenges that come at you fast & unexpectedly! This game will let you think ahead and its FREE to play. Try it NOW!

Water Run Run

Water Run Run - Endless Run is a great infinity running game. Water runs and plays in the jungle. Help Him collect all the coins and run for as long as possible to be number one. Water Run Run needs help to complete his journey through the jungle and pass the many obstacles on his way. Don't forget to dodge all obstacles on the way. Run as fast as possible. *** Game Features *** - Colorful & smooth graphics - Rich background music and sound effects - Easy controls and gameplay - Intense and exciting game rhythm - Face the unknown dangers and fear! Help Water collect all the coins and run for as long as possible to be number one. The game is FREE to play. Try it NOW!

Mail Santa Claus

Have you ever wanted to send Santa an e-mail but you just didnt know how and where to send it? Are you a true planet lover and want to save trees? Are you exhausted by having to write on a piece of paper and if you get it wrong having to get paper after paper till you have the perfect letter ? Do you want to send Santa a message really fast ? If you're answer to any of this question is Yes then this app is the solution for you. Send Santa a message and he will receive your e-mail each and every time. Its free and green and you contribute to a healthier world. Altough Santa receives and reads all your e-mails, we all know that Santa is very busy, especially near the Christmas Holidays, so he might not be able to reply to all messages. Even so, if you send more messages you have a very good chance to also receive a reply from Santa. Sending Santa emails is also quick and fun. You can send emails very fast and they will reach Santa in a fraction of a second. It's important to know that messages can be sent in any language and all year long. Santa will understand your message in any language and he is much more probable to reply to your e-mail if they are sent during the year rather than on the Christmas Holidays. Usually, close to the Christmas Holidays when Santa is very busy, sending more messages will make Santa want to reply so that he can turn back to delivering presents and making kids happy with gifts all over the world sent to nice children. Try it NOW!